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The Soul Restaurant

Indoor Dining Area

The Soul Restaurant is like a gem nestled next to the romantic Hoai River, designed in a luxurious style with elegant interiors and an outdoor courtyard overlooking the green lawn and sparkling lake.

The Soul Restaurant is ideal for all dining occasions from light breakfasts to intimate dinners. Upgrade your diverse culinary experience with a series of delicious dishes to serve all diners’ needs.

The Soul Restaurant is the ideal choice to explore local and Vietnamese cuisine. At The Soul Restaurant, the chefs always take care of every little detail from preparation to decoration to make the dishes always attractive. In addition, the original cooking method passed down from previous generations also contributes to the flavor of each dish.

The surrounding garden space and stretching lake create many inspirations to enjoy cuisine at The Soul.


Inside Restaurant

The area serves outdoor events.



OPEN HOURS 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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Hoi An Tasting Platter

The Soul Bag

Tam Hữu Hội An

Outdoor Dining Area

The Soul Garden

  In the huge garden, surrounded by cool green lawns, Garden Bar not only has the best view but also offers the best drinks ever. Sipping a sophisticated cocktail while watching the sunset will erase all fatigue after a day of work.

 You can choose to enjoy cuisine right inside the restaurant with ancient style space and design; The outdoor restaurant will give you a relaxing and pleasant feeling thanks to the cool green garden. Garden Bar & Restaurant will definitely satisfy diners who want to enjoy the beauty of nature with the unique sights and smells of the river breeze, immersing themselves in the airy space. Each location at Garden Bar & Restaurant will bring a different, unforgettable feeling.

Come and join us to capture unforgettable moments.

Pool Side

The swimming pool area is large, this is a sunny and spacious area for users to enjoy the clear blue water and relaxing time by the pool. With spacious comfortable couches, providing a relaxing feeling throughout your visit.

Open: 11:00 – 17:00


(16:00 – 17:00)

Happy Hour Buy 1 get 1 Free for Beer & Cocktail.

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